In Nigeria, Elephants, Giraffes, Monkeys, Lions and so on can be seen in the Zoos or perhaps in the national parks only. Animals which you can see in natural environment are lizards - everywhere. Some lizards may measure up to 30cm by size. Except these, there are also a lot of fowls and goats moving around houses and in the streets.

Don't wonder about cockroaches which are as big as a door key. Also spiders become bigger than the ones in Europe. Fortunately, the Nigerian monster spider is not dangerous. But be aware of snakes which can be found in the bush, though we did not see any during our visit.

In Nigeria you can see a lot of birds from Europe which stay there as long as it is cold in Europe. The types of seasons we have in Europe don't exist in Nigeria. It is a tropical country and the tropics have just two seasons - rainy and dry season. In the northern hemisphere, where Nigeria is situated, dry season is during winter time in Europe while rainy season is during summer time in Europe. When we got to Port Harcourt on the 2nd of December we experienced one rain shower but later it was getting more and more dusty from day to day.