On the invitation of my friend Collins Ugochukwu, my brother Martin and I spent one month - from December to January - in Nigeria. During this time we visited Port Harcourt, Abuja (Capital city), Calabar, Owerri and Enugu. During Christmas and New year's eve we were staying in Mbaise (Collins' hometown) - a big community of several villages.map of Nigeria

There are three major tribes in Nigeria. The Ibos in the East, the Yorubas in the West and the Hausas in the North. There are also many minority tribes like the Efiks and Ibibios in the Calabar area, the Ikweres, in Port Harcourt, the Tivs etc. In 1991 Abuja became the capital of Nigeria. This town was founded because the former capital Lagos did not represent the whole country. Abuja is completely planned and is called the "Centre of Unity". Except Abuja, Port Harcourt and Calabar all the other towns we visited are situated in Ibo land.

Collins, our guide, knows his ways around and a lot of people too, so we got lots of experiences you may not get as a normal foreigner. By the way, I wouldn't forget to mention that he showed us only secured places. Nigeria is not a country for tourists. Actually, a lot of Nigerians even don't know what sense it makes to visit a foreign country just to see the country. Some also don't know about the economical implications tourism can have. They would only go abroad for business or anything related. That was why many people we met regarded us as investors and started discussing business with us.